Jadranko JD Ostojic

 was born in Bosnia Herzegovina on 11/07/1970. At the age of one he and his parents came to Belgium. At the age of 12 he became a Belgian citizen. When he was 18 he started working in his parents restaurant and combined this with some modeling work. (At that time he was one of Belgium's most popular models for two years long). When he went on the catwalk in Paris, he met his wife (who is also a model) Martine De Ruyter, who is making a career as a female Michael Jackson lookalike in Europe.

Jadranko decides to sell his parents restaurant in 1991 after losing his parents at a young age. His success as a model is unprecedented. At the age of 20 he won the ‘look of the year’ competition in Germany. He and his wife also get some big assignments as a couple for Versace, Luciano Soprani, Gucci and the Portuguese edition of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Apart from his modeling career, Jadranko is also active in some music clips (Elsy Morais, Eddy Wally, Clouseau, …), in 2004 he joined a band as accordion player.
They were almost selected to represent Belgium at the Euro Song Festival in Istanbul.

Meanwhile he is getting more and more screen time in Belgian series like: ‘Spitsbroers’, ‘Vermist’, ‘Familie’, ‘Zone Stad’, ‘Codon’, and ‘De Bunker’. Since that time a he started to develop a passion for TV and film. During the recording of ‘De Opdracht’, a horror movie that Jadranko produced together with Ray Kermani, het got to know Johannes De Jongh. Together with Johannes De Jongh  they started ‘Jojo Productions’, a small movie production company.

Since 2016 Jadranko got signed by NTA Models in L.A, and Major Models Men in Milan. He also did the fashion show for Dolce & Gabanna and the Billionaire  couture show for Philip Plein.

In 2017 Jadranko moved with his family to Los Angeles, California, because they were chosen to be a part of a new show being: Growing Up Supermodels on Life Time A&E in the USA, with his son Janis Ostojic and his wife Martina Ostojic.

Jadranko has been happily married with Martine De Ruyter since 1992. Together they have four beautiful children that are starting to walk in his footsteps.

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